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Exante rebrand

Exante had all the makings of a successful diet brand that could help people live happier and healthier lives. But waning appeal, visibility and performance got in the way of its potential. The brand needed more than an uplift, it needed a whole new lease of life.


What we did

We started with designing fresh, fun and eye-catching packaging to make the products more appealing and appetising. We introduced a new and authentic photography style based on real lives and success stories. And we then created a new website, designed around supporting people’s success with Exante, including recipes, vegan options, and a community support network for dieters and health-conscious consumers.


How it worked

It wasn’t long before the brand saw an uplift in online sales. But that was just the beginning. Instore sales also grew as Superdrug stocked the new-look range. The products also caught the eye of medical experts who used them in clinical trials to prove how VLCs could help reverse Type 2 diabetes. This then attracted national media attention from the likes of This Morning, ITV and The Daily Mail. All in all, Exante’s growth exceeded 100%, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.


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