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Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous – Express Yourself


The challenge

Create a brand refresh campaign for Grow Gorgeous that would empower people to be comfortable in their hair, while driving awareness about the science behind its product range for all hair types.

Our approach

We didn’t just make a campaign; we started a movement. #MoreThanHair turned the conversation towards taboo topics like hair loss and reframed hair as a symbol of people’s brilliance, style, personality, confidence, and expression.

We used Covid-19 restrictions to our advantage by focusing on one model at a time. By capturing the personality of each model before bringing it all together in post-production, we created dynamic and interactive creative work with inclusivity at the core.


We created a movement, challenging hair taboos and getting the world talking, with the campaign video surpassing 156,000 views in the last 10 days on YouTube.

The styling of our campaign beautifully captured the playful, vibrant and liberating vibe of #MoreThanHair. It’s also given the brand a look and feel with a long shelf-life.


Clinique model one
Clinique model one
clinique foundations
apple & cinnamon exante meal replacement packaging
berry yoghurt exante meal replacement packaging