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Illamasqua Nude Revolution

For a beauty brand with its heritage firmly rooted in theatrical makeup, Illamasqua is famous for its vibrant and experimental product range. So when it came to launching its new Nude Collection, our job was clear: to defy convention and make nude stand out.


What we did

Illamasqua’s Nude Collection has nothing to do with blending in and everything to do with standing out. It was on course to starting a ‘Nude Revolution’, so that’s what we did – inspiring people to break from tradition and go bold with nude. Each element of the 360 campaign featured the unexpected, from dramatic eyes and luscious lips to artful reflections of mannequins captured in models’ eyes. Combined with striking make-up from Pablo Rodriguez, our Director of Artistry, we launched the campaign with all the style and flair of the Illamasqua brand.


How it worked

Since starting in April 2019, the Nude Revolution has been turning heads and growing its following. So much so, the campaign has been the brand’s best-performing new product development launch ever, generating close to 25 million impressions and six-figure sales in just three months. We launched 17 products and involved over 200 influencers with a combined audience of 62 million.