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Innovation Labs

We explore, experiment and implement technologies to expand the possibilities of our creativity
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THG Studios Innovation Labs 2024

Informs and accelerates our creative approaches, products and solutions​

We view Innovation as something bigger and foundational to our philosophy. It's not just about how we utilise the tools; it's about our relentless commitment to creativity, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Led by our innovation team, embraced throughout our studio, benefiting our clients.

Virtual Production

The approach to production has moved beyond the traditional process and campaigns are no longer limited to delivering assets specific to just one platform. Innovation enables us to adapt and scale our strategies, deliver more personalised and creatively diverse media, and maintain agility in dynamic, ‘always on’ work streams. Utilising virtual production across a wide range of content types, employing the same digital sets for e-commerce, digital media, social media, out-of-home advert, above-the-line marketing and more.

Myprotein The guru Social Campaign  Creative Black Friday Campaign Behind the scenes photography TV Advert
Myprotein The guru relaxing Social Campaign  Creative Black Friday Campaign Behind the scenes photography TV Advert
AI-led Virtual Production Disney Summer Store 2024

Virtual Fusion

Utilising advanced and creatively-driven solutions, to drive efficiency in campaign creative, and product photography processes. Blending photography and AI to create intelligent content, that uses marketing data, to drive performance and ROI for our client. Going beyond traditional photography, our AI tools open up creative avenues to elevate brand presence and campaign imagery. We make the impossible, possible.

AI is balanced with a commitment to human direction & ethical practices

AI-generated content is created within our ‘Insight and Trust Frameworks’. Ensuring that AI is used to enhance our processes, empower our people whilst safeguarding our clients. Our Insight framework allows us to translate clients original brief and ensure strategy is solid, creating a detailed response from creative. Our trust framework has been built by our internal legal team, with approval from external legal experts, protecting the reputation of our organisation and our clients.

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