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There's a Disney Story in Everyone

Disney had a problem:

For five years, brand awareness and sales had been dropping. This was following an unsuccessful rebrand to ‘Shop Disney’ and the closure of many physical stores. The brand wanted to return to its magical, loved ‘Disney Store’ roots, but without feeling too dated and nostalgic. The new store brand identity needed to remind customers what Disney stands for whilst lifting it into a new, fresh age of customer experience that opened the emotional doors of Disney to people of all ages and backgrounds.

THG Studios Disney Studios TVC 2024

We had an idea:

Disney is the great, iconic home of storytelling. Its vast universe of stories span ages, attitudes, styles and experiences. It has something to connect with everyone. We also know from our deep understanding of in-store and DTC experience that each individual shopping journey can be part of a human story. Stories became the heart of our creative solution. We used a narrative TVC format to weave different vignettes, telling short stories featuring a diverse cast, young and old, connecting to the Disney character that has been a part of their personal story. This was about allowing everyone the chance to reconnect to the brand and products, no matter who they are.

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